Essence of Lon


Anita Barrett seeks calmness and happiness for her present and future self, and being in the natural environment is a central part of Anita's art practice.
So it was pure bliss when the opportunity arose for Anita to become an artist in residence at Point Lonsdale's Lon Retreat with its 200 acres of rural and conservation land.

While sketching onsite feeling the sun on her back, listening to bird song, she was inspired by the magical Moonah trees with it's twisted branches, the lines, shapes and scent of coastal scrub while walking through the dunes and gazing at the sweeping views of the ocean, she was bathing in nature.

In her home studio in East Geelong Anita uses acrylic, charcoal, graphite on Birchwood or canvas panels, usually in a circular shape to draw your eye into the painting. Mostly self-taught, she has refined her technique over the years and describes her style as impressionism with an abstract format.

In this collection of work, Anita wanted to capture the essence of Lon. She wants the viewer to feel happy and relaxed when looking at the artwork, to remind them of nature and Lon's flora, fauna and beautiful calming country coastal landscape.