Lon Retreat Feb/March 2024

Branches & Birds 
exhibiton has now ended

Artist Statement

I am delighted to return to Lon Retreat for my third exhibit, where I will showcase my latest work, "Branches and Birds." This exhibition explores bird life and greenery, creating an intricate map of wonder surrounding Lon Retreat.

My wanderings influence my paintings as I listen to and enjoy nature and the landscape. I become calm and in sync with nature and her rhythms In these moments,. When I enter the dunes, I feel a sense of oneness with the coastal shrubbery, trees with bent trunks and branches creating gnarled architecture and incredible bird life. I could hang out with them any day.

My artworks revolve around a personal exploration of nature, memory, and tranquillity, which allows viewers to immerse themselves in a calming and reflective visual experience. By capturing calm, I aim to evoke a serene and peaceful atmosphere for the viewer.