Growing up in Geelong gave Anita Barrett excellent access to Victoria’s Surf Coast, Bellarine region and parklands, where she naturally developed an innate love of the natural world. Throughout her life, Anita has always lived with anxiety. She finds immersion in nature cultivates emotional wealth and often seeks the natural environment regularly, making her feel alive, grateful and guaranteed to get her creative juices flowing. Anita is passionate about sketching and documenting her experiences, capturing the moment’s calmness and showing her appreciation for natural shapes and lines. Her sketchbooks have become a personal record and visual journey of creative calm and are integral to her art practice. At her home studio in East Geelong, where she lives with her husband, Steve, and two adopted retired greyhounds, Audrey and Billy. She uses her sketchbooks and photographs as references to create artwork, typically highlighting calm, peaceful scenes set mainly within a coastal landscape, sometimes including birds.Anita’s artwork can be described as impressionism with an abstract format and is known for painting within a circular shape, so they command attention but with a soft edge.

Working with acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite and Indian Ink on canvas or wood, she starts by sketching the image. Then, builds the picture in layers with colour, scratching and rubbing back in areas to reveal underlying colours and leaving graphite marks to feature, showing the original drawing and charcoal marks for texture.

Anita has loved to draw since she was young. In 2005, she decided to study art at Latrobe Fine Art School in Geelong casually for a year and has been refining her painting techniques.

Along the way, she has painted commissions, sold works in art shows throughout Victoria, received a highly recommended award, sold pieces through retail outlets and cafes in Geelong and Melbourne, and had her artwork in six galleries.

Deciding to take her artwork to the next level in 2015 has been a transformative journey. Since then, she has held twelve solo shows and participated in eleven group shows, selling works throughout Australia and overseas.

Anita wants to highlight that a visual connection with nature, even through artwork depicting nature scenes, reduces stress and improves mental health. 



2025 - Upcoming Lon Retreat Pt Lonsdale, VIC, AUS

2024 - Lon Retreat ‘ Branches & Birds Pt Lonsdale, VIC, AUS

2022 –  Lon Retreat ‘Layers Of Lon’ Pt Lonsdale, VIC, AUS

2022 –  Salt Contemporary Art, Queenscliff Vic, AUS

2022 – Eaglesnest Gallery, Aireys Inlet, VIC, AUS

2021 –  Eaglesnest Gallery ‘Reflections’  Aireys Inlet,  VIC,  AUS

2020 – Gibson’s  ‘A Coastal Landscape’ Armadale, VIC, AUS

2020 – Lon Retreat  ‘Essence of Lon’     Pt Lonsdale, VIC,  AUS

2019 – Eaglesnest Gallery  ‘Naturally Calm’ Aireys Inlet,  VIC,  AUS

2018 – Seaview Gallery  ‘Circle Of Calm’ Queenscliff,  VIC,  AUS

2018 – Metropolis Gallery ‘To The Shore’ Geelong,  VIC,  AUS

2018 – Eaglesnest Gallery ‘Painting a Path to Peace’ Aireys Inlet,  VIC,  AUS

2015 – Eaglesnest Gallery ‘Shades Of Nature’ Aireys Inlet,  VIC,  AUS


2024 - James St Gallery ‘Shirty[y] Tales [Tails?] 4 James St Geelong, VIC, AUS

2023 - James St Gallery ‘Shirty[y] Tales [Tails?] 4 James St Geelong, VIC, AUS

2022 – Salt Contemporary Art,’Winter Salon Exhibiton Queenscliff, VIC, AUS

2022 - James St Gallery ‘Shirty[y] Tales [Tails?] 4 James St Geelong, VIC, AUS

2021 – Salt Contemporary Art, ‘Winter Salon Exhibition Queenscliff, VIC, AUS

2020 – Rachinger Gallery, East Geelong, VIC, AUS

2020 – Bullarto Gallery  ‘Bushfire Benefit’  Bullarto,  VIC,  AUS

2019 – St Kevin’s College ‘Art Show’ – 2019 Melbourne,  VIC,  AUS

2017 – UBU Gallery  ‘Your brain on art’ Fyansford,  VIC,  AUS

2016 – Metropolis Gallery ‘Animal Instinct’ Geelong,  VIC,  AUS

2016 – Tussock Upstairs ‘The January & February Exhibition’ Pt Lonsdale,  VIC,  AUS

2015 – Eaglesnest Gallery, ‘Featured Artist’, Airy’s Inlet,  VIC,  AUS

2012 – Hobson’s Bay Studio, Group Show,  Queenscliff,  VIC,  AUS

Current Representation:

Eaglesnest Gallery,  Aireys Inlet, Vic, Aus. (03) 5289 7366

Salt Contemporary Art, Queenscliff, VIC, Aus (03) 5258 3988