A Coastal Landscape

Artist Statement

My work is inspired by the process of cultivating calm and happiness for the present and future self. Where I immerse myself in nature, sketching and photographing, absorbing all the sights, sounds and smells, I'm developing a state of mind, I want that same sense of calmness to carry through my art practice.

Coastal scrub always attracts my attention, I get fixated on lines, shapes of branches and twigs, the dark areas leading into the undergrowth, they're like "safe holding" spaces.
I have been reading about biophilia ( A love for the natural world and how it makes us feel)

I capture peaceful scenes, of coastal landscapes, trees and shrubbery, dunes, beach views and an additional favourite subject birds. Painted on round panels made from timber or canvas, I feel it's a fresh approach to my more traditional subject matter. Also, the softly curving form commands attention and draws your eye into the painting but is non-threatening.

I mainly work with acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite and sometimes Indian Ink. I start by sketching on an image in charcoal, then begin applying the underlying colours, after it's dry I apply different colours over the top. While the paint is still wet, I use a technique called sgraffito, scratching or rubbing back to reveal the underlying colours. I love using graphite or charcoal to create interesting lines and texture and sometimes impasto.

Nature ignites passion, inspiration, creativity and purpose. It plays an essential role in our emotional and physical development.
There is evidence, even viewing nature through an image can improve overall wellbeing and happiness, it makes me happy being able to pass that on to others who view my work.