Birds Of A Feather


I am a creative soul who lives with anxiety and seeks calmness and happiness for my present and future self, and being in the natural environment is my meditation.

I feel deeply connected to the natural world through bird watching.

Listening to bird sounds and songs and observing their behaviours and habits have healing effects for me.

While mindfully listening and watching these feather friends in nature, I adore sketching them. I used these sketches back in the studio to create works on round birchwood panels using acrylic charcoal colour pencil.

Birds Of A Feather   is a group exhibition featuring four of my recent birding artworks.

Artworks Available at Salt Contemporary Art.

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Ph: 03 52583988

33-35 Hesse St, Queenscliff, Vic.

Birdsong Wash Over Me – 20cm diameter
🔴 I Can See You Watching Me – 20cm diameter
🔴 Those Simple Things In Life – 20cm diameter
Absorbed In The Moment – 20cm diameter