Anita Barrett enjoys sharing her love of the surf coast and nature.

Living in Geelong gives Anita excellent access to Victoria's surf coast,
The Bellarine region and she can often be seen along the beaches observing nature, people and places.

Hours can be lost here, immersed in her passion while she reflects
on how fortunate she is to be able to follow her artistic dreams.

Paintings and sketches by Anita are a personal record and visual
journal of scenes that have attracted her attention, to document the beautiful environment and community that surrounds her for others
and herself to enjoy.

Artist Statement

Drawing and painting came naturally to me from an early age and had turned into an obsession. As an artist, I am always looking for a glimpse or moment in nature, and I am constantly noticing designs and shapes, colour and texture, when I see it, I like to immerse myself at that moment and try and evoke that same sense of calm, well-being and good feelings into my paintings.

I would describe my artwork as impressionism with an abstract format. Working from my in-house studio, the materials I predominantly work with are acrylic and charcoal on round wood panels and canvas, building my paintings with layers of paint, scratching and rubbing back in areas to reveal underlying colours. Leaving charcoal marks features a lot in my works creating soft texture. 

The themes for my works precisely reflects my affection for nature, I observe, photograph, sketch and appreciate the simple beauty that surrounds me.